It took me many weeks of searching many flying schools in the south east of England trying to find the right one. I searched high and low (excuse the pun) I visited several flying schools, had a good chat with the instructors, a look at how they offered their training and the options to pay for it and viewed their aircraft before moving on to the next school.
It is strange how it happened but AirFirst Blackbushe School of Flying was the last one that I visited, by this time I had become a little disheartened as I hadn’t warmed to any of the others, however, I can not recommend highly enough AirFirst! They are a family run business, everyone is so warm, welcoming, professional and friendly, you are not just “another customer” here! I am extremely proud to be doing my PPL with them and I would not hesitate telling everyone about them.
Everything about AirFirst is professionally run from how they operate to their ground school tuition to their immaculately maintained aircraft. I have to say that I have felt like part of the family since I met the owner on the day I previewed the school. Trust me, if you want to learn to fly this is in my opinion the BEST school to train with, take my word for it and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Air First Ltd
Blackbushe School of Flying
Blackbushe Airport
Surrey GU17 9LQ
Telephone: 01252 870 999 . Email us here >