Nigel Page (PPL)

If you want a friendly yet very professional flying school, excellent tuition and people who go out of their way to try and meet your needs then look no further than Airfirst.

Aaron Plume (SEP Renewal)

I was looking to revalidate my PPL after a long absence. I selected Air First because of their ability to be flexible and structure a course around my needs. The training I undertook was both relaxed and professional and I felt well prepared for the final test flight. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

James Singh

I’ve been learning to fly with Airfirst Blackbushe School of Flying in hope of achieving my PPL. It has been the best experience of my life, and I couldn’t recommend any greater flying school to learn with if you’re interested. From the way we are taught practically and with briefings before and after flight, it makes the most of every moment in the sky. Every Instructor is absolutely fantastic and has a wealth of experience, endless patience and infectious enthusiasm – with my particular thanks to Christabelle (Owner) James and Kevin (Instructors) Steve (Examiner) and Katie, Emma and Clare (Operations)- you have all gone above and beyond in helping me to achieve my dream -thank you!

John Revill

It took me many weeks of searching many flying schools in the south east of England trying to find the right one. I searched high and low (excuse the pun) I visited several flying schools, had a good chat with the instructors, a look at how they offered their training and the options to pay for it and viewed their aircraft before moving on to the next school.
It is strange how it happened but AirFirst Blackbushe School of Flying was the last one that I visited, by this time I had become a little disheartened as I hadn’t warmed to any of the others, however, I can not recommend highly enough AirFirst! They are a family run business, everyone is so warm, welcoming, professional and friendly, you are not just “another customer” here! I am extremely proud to be doing my PPL with them and I would not hesitate telling everyone about them.
Everything about AirFirst is professionally run from how they operate to their ground school tuition to their immaculately maintained aircraft. I have to say that I have felt like part of the family since I met the owner on the day I previewed the school. Trust me, if you want to learn to fly this is in my opinion the BEST school to train with, take my word for it and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Chris Jocelyn

The first aircraft I flew, was at Blackbushe in 2005. The school was Cabair at the time and I had three trial flights to get a feel and then I joined Lasham to gain my NPPL in their motor glider. A few years later I returned with interest in maturing my licence and converting to the PPL. The school was now called Airfirst (Blackbushe school of flying) they took in my interests and I left with a handful of training syllabuses and hopes for the future! Not so long after I had booked in for a trial flight with Jonathan in G-EVTO, a PA28 I was going to spend a lot of time in. I was hooked. The first thing I noticed was how friendly and approachable the staff were. The school prides itself on being one big happy family and every effort is made to make you part of it. Christabelle (Mum!) And her team will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs and get you solo and beyond! Secondly is the professionalism of the instructors, all of which are down to earth and equipped with a good sense of humour and a wealth of knowledge. You will get a lot out of your lessons, even a cup of tea! The aircraft are good quality and the fleet is always being upgraded. You are not going to find a better school to fly with. Be a part of the family and join Airfirst. You won’t look back.

I would like to personally thank Christabelle, Emma, Clare and Katie for booking my lessons and helping with paperwork (and the cups of tea!). A big thank you to Jonathon, Martin, James, Kevin and Steve for putting me through my paces, getting me solo and getting me through the tests.

I look forward to the adventures to be had!

Scott McVicar

I have been flying with AirFirst since 2011. From my first, tentative stages of PPL training through IMC to organised cross channel trips and most recently a very exciting expedition back from Venice to Blackbushe. This is a privately run club where a “family atmosphere” very much pervades.

All involved genuinely care about training/encouraging students to make the most of the opportunities that aviation can bring. The formal training is professionally delivered, but there is a great social aspect to AirFirst which makes it fun too. This is evident through all contact with the club: the operations team always go the extra mile to ensure aircraft availability, the instructors are definitely not hour building young bucks – quality training is the priority, and, there is a very active programme of organised trips which are fantastic for new PPLs to build experience and confidence.

For me, the net effect of all this is that my flying has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. It has been great fun and I don’t see how I could have fared better anywhere else.

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