Your first major step as a pilot …

Every pilot will tell you that the day you fly your first solo is a day you’ll never forget and that you will have a smile on your face for a week afterwards – such is the achievement!

With Air First’s ZERO to SOLO you can achieve this dream in one simple course – a series of lessons designed specifically to train you to fly a circuit and land safely all on your own.

What’s more, should you choose to continue your flight training towards a Private Pilot’s Licence, all the hours flown will count towards the minimum requirement for a PPL (A).

Your ZERO to SOLO course includes the following items towards your flight training:-

  • 15 hours* flight training direct from the PPL Syllabus
  • 15 Landings
  • 3 months temporary membership

2 seat aircraft ZERO to SOLO (A) package … £3,210 (inc)
4 seat aircraft ZERO to SOLO (A) package … £3,839 (inc)

Click here to download these details for the C152 as a PDF.

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