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The full Instrument Rating may go beyond what you practically need to use. If you have an EASA or national UK aeroplane licence you can apply for a limited form of instrument rating. This is not normally recognised outside the UK but a lot simpler to obtain.

This is an Instrument Metrological Conditions (IMC) rating, which can be endorsed as an Instrument Rating (restricted), the I/R(R) on a Part-FCL licence.

Providing the rating is issued before April 2019 you can complete the UK IMC Rating training with an approved instructor and after a successful ground examination, flight test and application, have it added into an EASA PPL as an IR(R) – an Instrument Rating (restricted). This will have all the privileges and restrictions of a UK IMC rating, but will be valid in suitable UK registered aircraft whether EASA or non-EASA.
The IMCR or IR(R) is restricted to UK airspace only.

The course consists of a minimum of 15 hours, all dual instruction, with a written examination and skill test. The pilot must have completed 25 hours post-PPL flying before the rating can be issued.

The privileges of the IR(R) allow:

  • you to fly UK registered aeroplanes in UK airspace
  • flight in IMC outside controlled airspace, (in Class G) and IFR flight in Class D or E controlled airspace with appropriate permission
  • flight out of sight of surface with a minimum take off and landing in 1800m visibility
  • Let-down and Approach Procedures to published Decision Height or Minimum Descent Height and to undertake missed approach procedures.

Air First’s IMC package includes the following:

  • 15 hours dual training in a Piper Warrior PA28
  • Three months temporary membership
  • Blackbushe landings (up to 10 thereafter £16.50 per landing)

Note: ILS approach fees are not included.

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